Pinay, nasa U.S. ka? (Filipina, are you in the U.S.)

Pinay, nasa U.S. ka? (Filipina, are you in the U.S.)

What is the major feeling when you step off of that plane and you have your first (or nth) glimpse of a U.S. airport? Are you excited, nervous, shocked? How do you feel, Ms. Pinay?

I came to the U.S. 18 years ago (right after 9/11). My flight was 9/13, but that was my friend’s birthday, so she cajoled me into putting my travels a month off – which is what I did. Thank God, I did not leave then, or things may not have turned out the way it all did. Anyhow, I was headed to the U.S. for a much needed vacation. I was going to stay in the East Coast for a month and head home.

My Mom was with me on the first leg of my journey. We visited my brother in Hong Kong for a few days. On our last night in Hong Kong, after hoarding goodies from the night market, my Mom asked if she should just accompany me to the States. I vehemently said no (“Hindi na ma! Di ka naman mag-eenjoy pag naglagalag ako – mapapagod ka lang!) and said that I can take care of myself just fine. I told her she won’t even enjoy running around with me, and I may just tire her out.

I just really needed time off away from the Philippines as everything I knew was there, I needed some breath of fresh air – some respite from the hustle and bustle and craziness of my life in Manila. 

I ended up with one of my sorority sisters in New Jersey for a few days. She was working everyday too so I was out and about New York with the Titas (my sorority sisters’ Moms – Tita is Tagalog for Auntie who does not have to necessarily be your blood relative. They were so kind to take me around with them). Some of my friends and other sorority sister from the West Coast found out I was in the U.S. and invited me to spend some time in the West Coast, so off I ran to visit with them too. Two weeks later, I was married in Vegas to an almost total stranger. My journey as a Pinay in the U.S. began then.

Back-story: When I was 9, a soothsayer (Manghuhula in Tagalog) told me that I was going to be married to a Filipino and have children and then I will travel far and remarry a “foreigner” (in the Philippines, we call people from other countries foreigners – but they were oftentimes understood to be “white people”). She then says that this was not going to end there as I was going to divorce and be with another foreigner and have children. “Hindi po ah! Never. Ayoko pong tumira sa ibang bansa. Ayoko din pong magasawa ng ibang lahi…” (No! I don’t want to live anywhere else, and I will never be with any person of another race). This was a story that I retold a million times as I was growing up. Please stay with me here…I do have a point…

I know now, and I firmly attest to the fact that the law of attraction is something that just works as a general law. The energy and thought put in an idea will spell out its manifestation and happen and unfold in reality. We used to say “What you resist persists!”  Really think about this…it’s not that what you resist persists, but you keep “vibing” off of a certain thought, it reaches the universe and thus it just becomes – or is manifested, whether a specific outcome  was what was intended or not. Another saying, which I believe, was brought about by this law is “Be careful what you wish for.” It just really means be careful what vibration you put out to the universe. Universe is CONSTANTLY listening and vibrating so it will hear the thought, whether it be in the positive or not. “Karma” is another idea which basically stems from the what you give, you get back – another law of attraction sub-topic, in my humble opinion.  If you really think about all these concepts and sayings, it just means, as I said, your thoughts and feelings are reflected into the universe, which is always listening, so you attract what you put off, because the universe’s job is to just give what is being “asked” of it. It is called the “law of attraction” because as a being in this universe, you attract and thereby manifest what you think about and vibrate.

I did say I was going to get to my point… and the point being…I kept thinking that what the “manghuhula” (soothsayer) told me would never happen, and so it did. My whole “No it cannot be,” manifested into “yes, I am in the U.S. and happily ever after with a foreigner and my half-breed”. Hilarious, I say, but serious nonetheless. 

Understand, this may appear simple or otherwise convoluted, but it really is just what it is. If one would just open their minds to the law of attraction, then we can absolutely start manifesting the life we really desire.

Are you a Pinay in America? You are here because you manifested it, whether it is the way I did, or just the opposite (dreamt of it since you were a kid and knew you were going to marry a foreigner) matters not. You must know that your mind is powerful. You can manifest into reality ANYTHING you vibe the universe to give you.

In retrospect, I dare think that the only reason why some of us have a more difficult time manifesting is because of limiting beliefs inculcated in our minds from a very young age. Our culture as Filipinos (wag po kayong magagalit sa akin – please don’t be upset with me) tends to give us limiting beliefs. 

In one of my vlogs in youtube, I will hone in on such limiting beliefs that I myself incurred growing up in the Philippines. If you are new to the U.S., there is no time better than now to get rid of them. If you have been here longer than a “bagong salta”(person who just got here), then please start getting rid of these limiting beliefs if you have not yet already done so.  These beliefs seemed to work for us as Filipinos (being good people with great Filipino values), but it really does not work much for manifesting certain successes in your life, especially if you would like to manifest an abundance of riches-and especially not in America. It would be too long to discuss on here, so please watch the videos pertaining to this in my youtube channel and share with your friends. 

Anyhow, back to you beautiful Filipinas in the land of opportunity. Do not miss ANY opportunity because “matigas ang ulo niyo” (you are stubborn – hard-headed). I’ve been here 18 years. Though I do not purport to know it all…I know enough. I love the Philippines and will always be PROUD to be a FILIPINO. I am now also a PROUD AMERICAN. Being one does not take away from the other, it just makes me all the more AWESOME! Diba? (Isn’t it so?)

So many ideas are preempted about going to America and living in America..much more so getting married and having a family here. I always thought people were ignorant and odious when I first decided to stay and live here. Nakakainis (annoying) to hear when Americans have preconceived notions of us as a people. Don’t worry about it Pinay, tayo din naman diba, may judgments made bago pa talagang tumira dito (don’t we have judgments as well, even before we are able to live here).

My 8 year-old is so cute. He would really love to speak the language (Tagalog) but is unable to really grasp it good as of yet. So, what he’s been doing lately is copying the Filipino accent into the English language. Please do not take it seriously, his intention is not to make fun, his intention is really just to feel that he is part of this beautiful culture and people I keep talking about.  We decided to create videos for kids like him. We will be teaching at least one word a day in Tagalog and teaching it ESL (inverted) for the Filipino-American kids to learn. Visit our youtube channel for those as well. We may plan to post videos in facebook, on our page and we will cross our fingers that we make a little bit of a difference in the lives of Fil-Am Moms and kids out here.

Please note: I am a Life Design/Law of Attraction Coach (aside from Workplace Coaching). I am concentrating on Pinays in the U.S. not because I want to influence you into being something which you are not. I coach women how to live the lives that they think are only available when they dream. I teach the principles of the law of attraction, it is still up to an individual how they would like to use it.  As for myself, I am living the life that I design in my head, the life I manifest every day. I am not a “gazillionaire”, nor was that part of what I wanted to vibrate (well, not just yet – I’ll do it when I am ready), but I have all I desire at the moment. I am healthy.  I have a beautiful family. I am joyous every…single…day, and all because I learned to nurture and intend serendipity in my life.

If you’ve read this far, I suggest you book a complimentary call with me or ask someone you know who you think will benefit from this to do so. Don’t limit yourself and say that you have no time or money…I’m going to tell you now, whatever is going on in your head right now is the very reason why you are experiencing what you are. I’ll be your guide, and let me tell you, it is well worth every second and every penny, because I am good at this. I can help you change your life TODAY!

-Nina Lim


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