The Law of Attraction

This ѕubjеct is more of a hot topic than any other. It is one of the most difficult to еxplain in a manner that people can really understand and then apply to their lives.

Many of my followers on social media and readers often ask why they cannot get the law to work for them.  They claim to read, study and practice what “gurus” tell them to do. And they still are not able to manifest their desires.

I won’t beat around the bush, and I am going to be very blunt about my answer: You cannot put the law of attraction in motion if you cannot control your mind! Period.

Your pride, controlled by your Ego will not like what I just said. Some will probably just read this and not take it in. Probably just archive it in their thoughts. As always, you have the free will to continue reading and try to apply it to your experiences. Or just choose not to heed the law’s call.

A lot of popular teachers sell the law of attraction as a sexy way to get all your desires in life. There are a ton of programs and courses on this. Let me tell you though, the only certification acceptable in my book is real life application and experience. No one has the right to be called a teacher if they are just mouthing what they learn from others. One must know and experience in order to teach.

Pinay, nasa U.S. ka? (Filipina, are you in the U.S.)

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What is the major feeling when you step off of that plane and you have your first (or nth) glimpse of a U.S. airport? Are you excited, nervous, shocked? How do you feel, Ms. Pinay? I came to the U.S. 18 years ago (right after 9/11). My flight was 9/13, but that was my friend's birthday, so she cajoled me…

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