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About me

My Story

I was born to abundance. As a whole, my family had an infinitely abundant mindset, until we did not. My parents, wonderful people,  raised all three of us (myself and two brothers) in a household which was then considered rich, lucky and entitled. And they raised us by reminding us what is really important in life: kindness in our hearts and how we imparted this to others.

Great idea, wrong implementation! All these years, we attended the best private schools, knew all the “important” people and stayed the kind, rich family. Unfortunately, the limiting beliefs made their way to this household. We lost our properties, business was not good and my Mother seemingly lost all hope.

I was 15 back then. I wish she were still alive now. I know her mind to be very strong and if she knows what I know now, I would bet that she would have picked us all up and recouped everything. This phase of my life began a spiral of events which allowed fear to enter my head.

I started questioning my capabilities and started believing in luck and superstition. I had a long bout with myself.  It seemed like everything I did was mediocre, everything was as it should be – as expected.

Twist plot

I went about life not really knowing what I wanted to do. I followed everyone else’s expectations and graduated with a degree in Anglo-American Literature. I followed it through with a degree in Bachelor of Laws and is thus how I ended up with a suffix of J.D. (Juris Doctor) in my name.

I finished law school and never did anything with it. I delved into some politics thinking that I could save the world through that avenue and did not do very well either. I was lost. I could not find my calling. I did work as I was expected to. You can even consider me “lucky” for having the positions I had at such a young age. But I was tired.

In 2001. I moved to the U.S. My youngest son’s birth in 2010 was the beginning of the end to these struggles. I was a very hands-on Mom and realized that my very young son was attracting all that he desired and manifesting them into fruition. That is when I decided to delve into the Law of attraction and figure out why I stopped manifesting and how I can once again design my life truly mine from hereon out.

I lost all the weight I carried with me since I was a child and from all the stress eating I was doing. I was overweight all my life! I am finally as healthy as can be through my own mind’s power which made all this possible. Today I contribute to  keeping my son’s vibrations up all the time so he is never inundated and overcome by fear and limiting beliefs. He is mindful of all I teach him which is why he is a very happy, positive boy who gets anything he longs for.

As for myself, I am where I want to be. I design my life every day  24/7. I can and I know how to help you and your children design your lives the way you want to live it.


I serve as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients. My personal favorite though is coaching Moms juggle all aspects of their lives and still come out a beautiful, strong and empowered Mother despite not having enough hours in the day to do all she has to and want to do. I believe a happy Mommy makes for happy children who become the future of this world.

I invest with you, in your relationships, especially with your children, so that we give some to the future of this world we call ours. I am a collaborative, goal-focused Life Coach. Through this approach, I provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. I also integrate coaching techniques and helpful assignments to offer a highly-personalized program tailored to you.

I am very spiritual, full of real compassion and understanding and this is definitely integrated in my approach as well., I work with you to help build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you will commit with me to achieve.

WonderWoMoms is my baby. This is an avenue where I can help YOU Moms live the life only dreamt of by most. WonderWoMoms, nurturing intentional serendipity. Intentional Serendipity – in my opinion, the best oxymoron! If you want to plan your happiest life with a proven shortcuts for the long run, let me assist you and hold your hand. This is going to be one of your best journeys, and most probably the best gift you can give yourself and your children.

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